Customer Testimonials

""I've come into Republic Jewelry for years. They have an amazing selection of estate jewelry items and at terrific prices. Republic is my favorite place to shop !" ",
Kelley Fairbanks

""Happy Mother's Day to Elanor Conant - she is 90 years old with many children, grandchildren and greatgrandkids. She and her husband Donald have been married 70 years ! Donald picked out this beautiful new engagement ring for his lovely wife. Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Republic !" ",
Elanore & Donald Conant

"Congrats to Tina Laplante & Michael Penny on their engagement! They purchased this beautiful 3/4 ct diamond ring with baguettes from our estate jewelry selection. The ring sparkled almost as much as her smile !! Another happy customer.",
Tina Laplante

"I drove up from the Portland area to sell my gold and shop at Republic Jewelry. I had many friends who told me they were very happy with the prices and service at Republic. I was more than happy to make the trip up and I will definitely be back again."
Susan Latorre

It's never too late for Love.
Here is Irving Grant (86 years young) admiring the beautiful diamond engagement ring and band he purchased for his lovely fiance, Opal Duchette (83 years young). This wonderful couple got married soon after.
Irving Grant

I love the custom diamond ring that Republic helped me design with my old jewelry. I used some old earrings that I wasn't using and my solitaire ring to create this beautiful trinity diamond ring. It's perfect, and it cost me nothing after I turned in my old unwanted gold. I actually got money back ! Thanks Republic !
Pauline Raymond

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I just purchased my engagement ring at Republic Jewelry. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I checked around and the diamond ring I got at Republic would have cost me 4 times more at other places. Thanks to Republic for the great prices and wonderful service.
Oh, and my girlfriend said YES !!
Steven Alexander

"My mom and I brought our old gold jewelry into Republic. I thought I might get $100 for it but they paid me over $800 ! I was so happy. We also found some great deals in their Estate jewelry department. We were able to exchange some of our old unused gold into something we will now wear all the time.
Thanks Republic ! " ,
Cheryl Card & Joan Chonko

"I had a few gold items I wanted to sell so I went to a few different places to get prices. I went to one place that buys gold and they told me that my gold was only 10k but I knew it was 14k. I have never been into Republic but wanted to get a price from them. Republic evaluated my items correctly and their weights were exact. I appreciated their honesty and good prices they paid for my gold. I'll definitely suggest others I know to bring their items to Republic.",
Richard Severy

"I brought the jewelry I wasn't using any more into Republic to see what I would get. I thought I would get about $50 but they offered me $700 ! I was so happy. Thanks Republic !" ,
Raina Brooks

"I had some items I wanted to sell so I stopped at another local jewelry store and they offered me $ 160. I then decided to come to Republic Jewelry and they offered me $290. I was shocked at how much more they were paying me for my item. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I love this place. Thanks Republic !",
Claire Gagne

"Wow ! I had some extra jewelry I wasn't using anymore so I decided to stop into Republic and sell it. I thought I would get a few hundred but I got over $2000 for my old jewelry. I am so happy and this extra money will pay for all my Christmas shopping. The staff at Republic was very friendly and I am so happy they paid me so much for my jewelry. I am going to tell all my friends to bring their gold to Republic !!",
Peggy Perkins

"I have sold some jewelry a few times and each time I always check what other places will pay me Republic has always offered me the highest prices. They have great service. Thanks Republic for always paying me the most for my jewelry !" ,
Monica Bragdon

"I went to one of those hotel buyers with my jewelry and coins. They offered me $80 for my items. I then went to Republic and they offered me $ 450 for my items. Republic paid me 6 times more than what I was offered elsewhere. Thanks Republic !" ,
Robert Belyea

"I brought my gold into Republic. It was a very exciting and rewarding experience. Everyone was very friendly and I am so happy I went to Republic. I suggest you bring your unwanted gold to Republic.",
Jeanette Henry

"We were offered 10 times more at Republic for our gold jewelry than we were from Treasure Hunters Roadshow. Thanks Republic !",
Julie & Marc Ouelette

"Oh my Goodness ! Now I can get my car repaired. I had no idea my gold was worth that much. I had been thinking about selling my gold for a while and had shopped at Republic in the past so I decided to come back. I'm glad I did !",
Sharon Seamon

"I was offered $25 for my gold jewelry at another place and Republic paid me $ 235 ! Thanks Republic for great service and for being fair and honest !",
Tina L. of Lewiston