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13' Topps Archives Promo

2013 Topps Archives "Stay Young" Promotion at Republic Jewelry & Collectibles

Celebrate the kid in all of us with TOPPS 2013 ARCHIVES BASEBALL “STAY YOUNG” PROMOTION

Do you remember when packs of cards costs only $.25 cents? Remember how fun it was going to the hobby shop with your family & friends, ripping packs and looking for your favorite players as a kid? Taking you back to these childhood experiences is what Topps Archives is all about. To help with the launch of 2013 Topps Archives, Republic will be offering this special promotion that will help bring you back to your card collecting days.

Below are the details of the promotion:

Taking part is easy !

Part 1

Buy a pack for ONLY $.25 !!
Starting June 10th - While supplies last : You can relive your youth and buy special 5 card packs for $0.25! These cards will feature a Day Glow Parallel. These cards will be available only during the dates provided.

Part 2
Redeem 1980’s Cards: Starting June 17th – June 24th : Get Dad some new cards for old times sake. Just bring in any of your old cards from the 1980s and to the store to redeem it for a unique cello pack of 2012 Baseball Series 2. These packs will only be available during the dates provided.

Part 3
Vintage Card Redemption Starting June 10th – While Supplies Last: Program: Special redemption cards will be inserted into Hobby boxes of Topps Archives. You can redeem these cards for a free card from the Topps Vault! The vintage card will be from the 1950s-1980s and it will be foil wrapped. Collectors will enjoy ripping the packs to see who from past they will get!

So come stop by Republic and enjoy this special limited time promotion.