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White's Metal Detectors

We carry a full line of Metal Detectors and Supplies. We Sell or Rent detectors !

Why buy or rent a Metal Detector ?

- It's a great way to spend time with family and friends.
- Walking around is great exercise.
- You get to enjoy the outdoors.
- The excitement of finding some old piece of history or unknown treasure.
- The profit ! many people pay for their detectors with all of the valuables they find.

Our Customers- Treasurer Hunting Finds

     Gerry Leger of Litchfield, ME purchased a Coinmaster from us at the beginning of the summer of 2011.

By the end of summer he had used his new detector in two different locations and dicovered all the items shown in the photo, which includes coins, jewelry and misc. items.

Just 1 gold ring he sold to us more than paid for his detector he bought just a few months prior.

Local Treasurer Hunter Digs up a $4,000 Christmas Present

     While most holiday shoppers are out shopping for the perfect diamond for a Christmas present one local man is digging them up. When Winslow Frank of Auburn set out Metal Detecting on Thursday, December 21, 2006 he had no idea that a few hours later he would be unearthing such a valuable treasurer. What he discovered at his new secret location wasn't a rough diamond fresh out of the ground but a vintage platinum 1.10 carat diamond ring. Frank who just started metal detecting as a hobby just two months ago was incredibly excited in locating the treasure. As soon as he unearthed the ring he went right to Republic Jewelry & Collectibles of Auburn to have the ring appraised to see if it was genuine. He was told by Dan Cunliffe Sr. that the platinum diamond ring had a retail value of $ 4000. Cunliffe estimates based on the older style cut of the ring that it may have been in the ground for over 50 years.

      Frank was slightly disapointed he couldn't afford to get his metal detector earlier in the year so he could use it more. Summer months are the big favorite of treasure hunters. He also never expected to be metal detecting on December 21st but thanks to the mild weather he has been able to continue his hunts into late December. Since October Frank has only ventured out with his new Whites MXT detector a dozen times. He has researched on the best places to hunt and has tried different locations. Apparently his research has paid off handsomely.

      Although his MXT is perfect for basic treasure hunting, it is also well designed for hunting gold nuggets. Frank will be taking his new found friend on an excursion to California to hunt for gold. He hopes to strike it rich out west like another of Republic's customers did just two years ago. Harold Gary Sr. took his MXT detector to Arizona for a two week excursion and ended up finding 28 ounces of gold ! His biggest nugget was 3.75 ounces !! Frank also is planning a trip next year with his metal detector to hike the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail, which extends from Mexico to Canada.

George Washington campaign button found!!

In 2002 a Bridgeton man found a George Washington Inauguration Button worth thousands while metal detecting !

It's has been an exciting time for treasure hunters in Maine. With a discovery of a $5,000 diamond ring on Old Orchard Beach and the discovery of a rare George Washington Inauguration button worth thousands, treasurer hunters are locating some incredible items. Thirty four year old Chuck D. of Bridgeton, Maine discovered one of the most cherished of American political items in U.S. history, a George Washington Inauguration button. Dunlap is only a five year veteran of metal detecting but has discovered one of the best finds in the state's history. "When I first purchased the detector five years ago I was hunting at least four times a week, but due to time constraints the last few years I have only been able to go out a handful of times. It was my third time out this year and I was only searching for about fifteen minutes when I made the discovery. I didn't think much of it but when I got home and my wife noticed that it said "GW" on the button I thought it was worth investigating. I had purchased my Whites Metal Detector from Republic Jewelry & Collectibles and since they deal in the collectibles I felt they would be able to find out what my button was worth.", states Dunlap.

      "This is the first one I have ever seen.", states Daniel Cunliffe of Republic. "We are large buyers of old jewelry, coins and collectibles so we get to see a lot of unique items. Many treasure hunters will bring in coins, rings and other artifacts they have unearthed but this discovery is the rarest that any metal detector hunter has found in Maine that I know of. We are very excited to have purchased this rare button from Mr. Dunlap. This is a true piece of American history."

      Dunlap, like many other folks that spend time metal detecting, has spent time in the library researching the best places to hunt for treasure in the state. While some choose to hit the beaches for newer jewelry & coins left behind by beachgoers, some treasurer hunters choose to hunt for elusive old finds around farms etc..

Over 28 ounces of GOLD found with Whites Metal Detector!!

When Harold Gary Sr. purchased his new White's metal detector from Republic in 2004 he never realized how exciting the next few weeks would be. He was looking forward to trying out his detector during his upcoming trip to Arizona. When he arrived in Arizona he set up to search an old river bed and after only an hour of searching he discovered an incredible find, over 28 ounces of gold ! "I had to put my hand over my mouth.", states Mr. Gary "Because I thought my heart was gonna jump out of my stomach. After I picked up a reading on the detector I dug down about a foot and discovered the gold which was laid out like spreading a row coins across a table. The gold sparkled and shined incredibly. The biggest nugget I found was about the size of a silver dollar. It was three and a quarter ounces."

Mr. Gary kept searching around his small hole until it became a six foot wide search area. Total value of his find was over $11,000 ! He was searching at a Gold Prospectors Association claim which allows members of the GPAA to hunt the land and keep everything they find.

When he returned from his astonishing trip he stopped by Republic Jewelry & Collectibles where he purchased his metal detector to thank them and to pick up a few more treasure hunting accessories. "When he told us his story we were just as amazed as he was.", states Dan Cunliffe II of Republic. "We have sold metal detectors for many years and always hear of people finding nuggets, gold jewelry, coins and other interesting items but never such an fabulous gold strike such as Harold found. The biggest find one of our customers ever had was the George Washington Inaugural Button that was worth a few thousand but Mr. Gary now has our new store record for the best find."

Mr. Gary can't wait to get back to Arizona to do more hunting and is really looking forward to his upcoming treasure hunting trip to Alaska.

Metal Detecting in the News

Did you know we were featured in a television story on Metal Detecting in Maine with Bill Green from the NBC affiliate WCSH ?
and in more recent news check out this incredible video below
of the amazing horde found in England with a Whites Detector !

General info on our Detectors

There are many different models to choose from. Some are designed for land and some are mainly for water. All models come with a 2 year warranty. All of our land models are waterproof from the control box down to the loop, so you can search in water up to your waist. They all can discriminate against junk objects. The lower models will search to a depth of about 8 inches while the upper models (ones with the bigger loops) will search to approximately 12 inches. These depths will vary depending on the type of object, the size of the object, and the material you are searching through (ie. sand, rock etc.). As the price of detectors increase,they come with several more options for control buttons. The additional options, among other things, allow you to search for items more precisely. For example, one of the upper models has the ability to learn an object. It can then either search for that object only or reject that object. If you're searching near an old farm and the same type of nail keeps showing up, you could set the detector to learn that object then choose to reject that object. The detector knows that specific item should be rejected each time. You can also program some of the upper models so that every time you use the detector it will remember the specific settings you like to use. the upper models also come with readout screens which tell you the depth of the object and what type of object it is.

Choosing the right Detector

When choosing a detector the most important factors are type of use and price.

Usage: You must decide the type of unit you want to purchase. Some models are designed for general use, some are specifically designed for searching for gold nuggets and some designed for mainly underwater use. The underwater models can be used on land but because they are designed more for underwater use they have very few options on them.

price: You now must decide roughly how much you want to spend. Prices range from $180 to $2000 with many to choose from. Many people will purchase the base model if they are getting one for their children or if they want to try it out for a year and are not sure how much they will use it. Some people will jump up a few models if they want a few more options on the unit with better depth and do not mind spending a little more for these extras. If people know they are going to use the detector often, they will usually purchase a mid to upper model. They will get the readout (either analog or digital) and lots of options to meet their specific needs.

Renting a Detector

We also rent metal detectors at our retail store. Renting a detector is a great option for 2 reasons:

1)You can try it for a day or two while spending quality time out with your family searching for unknown hidden treasure.
2) If you are thinking about purchasing a detector, but have never used one, you can try it out before investing their money. If you rent a detector from us, we will refund the rental expense when you purchase a detector at our store.

The cost to rent a detector is only $ 25 per day with a deposit required.
If you choose to purchase a Detector after you have rented one we will apply the $25 towards your purchase.


We carry all of the important supplies you may need for metal detecting (trowels, sand scoops, loop covers etc.).

Stop by our store and see the metal detectors up close

the best way to check out our detectors is to stop by. We stock lots of models. Our friendly staff can give you a demonstration on any model you would like and answer any questions you might have.
Contact Us for a free catalog of detectors today !!!

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