Diamond Selection

We have thousands of diamonds in stock at Republic Jewelry.
Some people think that buying a loose diamond will save you money but that is not true.
Here at Republic, the best VALUE when buying a diamond is the Estate Jewelry Diamonds.
These diamonds are priced at wholesale replacement cost, so you the consumer gets to buy it at wholesale pricing.
We suggest you check out our selection of Estate Diamonds for your best value.
Many customers have told us they have saved thousands on buying their diamond from us after comparing prices elsewhere.
If you don't like the estate mounting the diamond is in, you can easily choose a new mounting for the diamond.
Our online selection is only a small part of what we offer in our store.

When shopping for a diamond and comparing prices, the 4C's of a diamond are very important.
Our diamonds are graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards.
GIA is the world's most trusted name in diamond grading.
This is important to know because if you are comparing color and clarity to a diamond you have seen elsewhere
and the other diamond is not graded properly, then it is hard to compare the values since the grades are different.
Our professional staff will be happy to show you the 4C's in person and help you understand the aspects of a diamond.
Learn more of The 4C's of Diamond buying
We don't have our loose diamonds or our diamonds in new mountings available online yet.
Please call or stop into our store so we can help you find the perfect diamond at the best price
or browse our online selection of estate items listed below.

Estate Ladies
Diamond Rings

Estate Ladies
Diamond Rings
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