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06' Pitch, Hit & Run

Pitch Hit and Run Competition 2006 Maine

The Maine State Competition for Pitch, Hit and Run
was held in Bangor, Maine on Saturday May 27, 2006.

A very large crowd gathered from across Maine to warm up for the big event !
There were 107 participants who traveled to Bangor for the Finals !

Lots of family and friends turned out to root for their favorite competitor.

MLB's Pitch, Hit & Run provides boys and girls, ages 7 to 14,the opportunity to showcase pitching, hitting and running abilities.
Winners can advance through four levels of competition, all the way to the National Finals at the MLB All-Star Game.
The competition is broken into 4 age divisions: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14

The Pitch, Hit & Run competition consisted of three different categories:

  • Pitching Accuracy
  • Batting power & accuracy
  • Baserunning speed
Pitching Event:
During this part of the competition each person had the opportunity to throw six balls at a strike zone sized target 45 feet away.
Each hit of the target gave the competitor 75 points towards their final score.
Here are a few of the competitors in the Pitching competition.
As some kids threw fiercely, others waited their turn and enjoyed time with friends.

Hitting Event:
During this part of the competition each competitor had the opportunity at three swings off a tee.
Each competitor attempted to hit the ball as far as they could but also straight down the middle of the field.
After the balls were hit into the field the field judges measured the distance of the hit.
The judges measured the distance the ball landed away from the center of the field
and deducted that measurement from the total distance from the tee.
This gave the final measurement of distance and accuracy.

Here is 10 year old
Brian Crane
hitting a ball
as the field judges wait
to mark where the ball lands.
Here are a few of the competitors in the Hitting competition.
Here is one kids big swing, as other competitors watch and wait.

Running Event:
During this part of the competition each competitor had to start at 2nd Base.
When the judge said go they ran as fast as they could towards 3rd base to round it and head home.
When the competitor stepped on home plate the stop watch was stopped and the time recorded.
The speed of each competitor was converted to a score and added to their final score.

Here are some runners watching the competition and awaiting their turn.
Here are a few of the runners in action !

Here are a few of the officials who helped run the event.
Pete Bushway of Auburn Parks and Recreations,
who organized and ran the event,
is in the center of the photo.
Auburn Parks and Rec is not responsible and does not guarantee
the accuracy of the numbers, spelling, etc.
or any information found on this website.

and the Winners are......Blue (1st), Red (2nd), White (3rd)
For the 7 to 8 age bracket:
(In order as they appear in the photo)
Daren Wood (Wiscasset)- 1st place
Matthew Holt (Richmond)- 3rd place
Kyle Johnson (Robbinston)- 2nd place
For the 9 to 10 age bracket:
(In order as they appear in the photo)
Zach Gilpin (Hampden)- 2nd place
Matthew Milliard (Woodland)- 1st place
For the 11 to 12 age bracket:
(In order as they appear in the photo)
Andrew Guillemette (Sanford)- 2nd place
Ryan Lincoln (Baileyville)- 1st place
Joshua Theriault (Dedham)- 3rd place
For the 13 to 14 age bracket:
(In order as they appear in the photo)
Connor Blais (Rumford)- 3rd place
Alex Brochu (Lewiston)- 1st place
Isaac Durkee (Waldoboro)- 2nd place

The 1st place winners from each age division have a chance to compete at Fenway Park in the Pitch, Hit and Run Competition.
Northern New England is broken in to 6 divisions, with Maine being one of the divisions.
The kids with the top 4 scores out of the 6 divisions will be invited to Fenway Park to compete !
Good Luck to all our Maine Competitors !!

Actual Scores/Results for each competitor can be seen by CLICKING HERE
This file is an Excel spreadsheet file.

The Auburn, Maine area Competition
was held on Saturday May 20th.

There were 1st place ribbons given out to winner of each event.

Ribbons were also given out for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
in the overall points for each age division.

The 1st place winners from each event
are allowed a chance to advance to the State Finals.
All of the kids that participated did a Great Job
and Good Luck to all of them in their future Baseball careers!!

2006 Pitch, Hit & Run

These are just some of the kids that participated in the competition.