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Webkinz Extravaganza

Webkinz Extravaganza at Republic

Webkinz Extravaganza

at Republic Jewelry & Collectibles

was held Saturday April 26th!

Everyone got a FREE Webkinz with any purchase of $10 or more!
Customers purchased Webkinz merchandise, other great items we carry
such as pokemon and yugioh cards,
Red Sox memorabilia, sports cards and more!

Kids payed Fun Games- including Jellybean Challenge,
Coupon Machine and Quizzy's Questions!

Here are a few of the kids that stopped by for some fun !

Here are a few people participating in our games !

One of our games was the Jelly Bean counting contest !
Jackqueline was an incredible guesser and guessed 648 jelly beans.
There were 644 jelly beans in the jar so she was our Jelly Bean contest winner !
She won the jar of jelly beans and a Webkinz of her choice !

another contest we had ws the coupon machine.
Kids could reach into the machine and receive a cool coupon !
Hannah was the big Grand Prize winner when she pulled out the "Grand Prize Coupon"
and won a FREE Webkinz !