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Annual Diamond Skills competition

The Diamond Skills competition consisted of three different catagories: Batting power, Fielding skills, and Baserunning speed. The first event was batting power and each kid got three at bats to prove who has the most batting power. The judges measured the furthest hit from home plate to see who hit the ball the furthest. The second event was fielding skills and each kid got two ground balls and they had to field the ball and then throw it through two cones at home plate with the best time. This was to show who has the better fielding skills and the strongest arm. The last event was baserunning. Each kid had to start at second base and run to home plate touching each base with the best time. One kid from each division had to prove to the judges that he or she is good enough to advance to the State Finals. All of the kids that participated did a Great Job and Good Luck to all of them in their future Baseball careers!!

Diamond Skills 2001

These are just some of the kids that participated in the Diamond Skills 2001 Event
This is one of the excited
spectators that came to watch
the intense competition!
These are 2 of the lucky winners
headed to the Bangor Regional competition.
This is Adam Sawyer from Gray, Maine.
He went to Fenway Park for the
Diamond Skills event.
He ended up coming in 3rd place!
Way to go Adam!
These are a few of the winner
that shared the spotlight with Adam

Diamond Skills 2000
Here are some of the kids that showed up to compete in our 1st annual Diamond Skills competition. By the expressions on their faces they look like they are very serious about winning.

These two friends participated in the 13-14 year old division against each other to find out who is the 1st annual Diamond Skills champion. Both kids did a Great Job and Good Luck to both of them in their future Baseball careers.

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