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16' NBA Player of the Day

2016 NBA Player of The Day

How To Play

Step 1:
Customer can enter by purchasing a pack of 2015-16 Panini NBA Cards. This includes such popular brands as; NBA Hoops, Prizm, Contenders, Complete, Donruss, Totally Certified and many others. There is a no-purchase-necessary option as well (see official rules for details).

Step 2: To win, the customer must open a pack they have purchased in front of a store employee and “pull” the Panini NBA Player of the Day or one of the Wild Cards highlighted on the poster. Customers can win up to two prizes per day (promo pack, etc) and enter their name on the winners list. If a customer buys a box of cards but does not want to open it in the store, we will award them one or two prizes and enter their name on the winner’s list as they will most likely pull a winning card.

Step 3: Four times during the promotion we will randomly select one of the daily winners as a weekly prize winner. This Customer will be awarded a “weekly prize package.”

Step 4: At the conclusion of the 30-day promotion, we will randomly select a winner, as the Panini NBA Player of the Month winner. They will be awarded the grand prize (an autographed card) and many other Panini NBA Player of the Day prizes.

Step 5: We will also submit the name of our Grand Prize Winner into the National Sweepstakes for his/her chance to spend a day with an NBA player including a free autograph session at Republic Jewelry & Collectibles!

Congrats to Zack Guguere
One of our Weekly Winners !